Mourinho’s Mouth is at it Again

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The Chelsea manager had a few choice words for his medical staff after the club tied Swansea City.


“Impulsive and Naive” are two words that are still ringing in Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho’s head. Known for his theatrics it seems that Mourinho’s antics are beginning to lose their luster as he faces heavy backlash for his comments toward and subsequent dismissal of first team doctor Eva Carneiro.

Even the silent footage of his tantrum against Carneiro is revealing as Mourinho nearly stalks onto the pitch:

He was still sore about the issue after the match, and has gone as far to say that Eva Carneiro is banned from the bench.




  1. I think that Mourinho had a problem with the medical staff beforehand. There were little events leading up to this that the general public didn’t see. For example, I think he is frustrated about Costa’s hamstring problem and the fact that is isn’t truly fixed yet. Don’t forget as well, the head physio for Chelsea Jon Fearn was banned as well from match days. I think this whole thing is way overblown though.


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