Powerhouse Match-up of the Week

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A classic clash of the 2014/2015 EPL titans this Sunday as Manchester City prepares to take on Chelsea.

Man City enters Sunday’s game off of a strong 3-1 victory over West Brom. Strong performances from David Silva and Yaya Toure have Man City looking like they are at the top of their form. Danny Sterling also had an impressive showing in his debut, cutting apart West Brom’s defenders with his speed to generate chances.

Chelsea enters the match-up off a 2-2 tie against Swansea City. While the Blues are still predicted to finish in at least the top three, if not at the top of the league, this is the first time under Murinho that Chelsea has finished week 1 without notching a victory. The absence of Courtois after week 1’s red card will also be an added pressure on the Blues backline.

Make sure you’re close to a television set Sunday August 16th 11:00 AM EST to catch all of the action. In the meantime pick up your favorite Chelsea and Manchester City apparel including jerseys, training jackets, and stadium t-shirts from soccercorner.com

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