Manchester City in Top Form

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Manchester City has taken the first two weeks of Premier League play to establish themselves as the early powerhouse and cup favorite. The Citizens started the season with a decisive 3-0 victory over West Brom running with Yaya Toure’s early double-deflected stroke of good fortune. City would roll on from there with Toure collecting another, as well as Kompany with a header off of a David Silva Corner.

More surprisingly City would do the same to 2014/2015 League Champions Chelsea on Sunday. Sergio Aguero would put stand-in keeper Asmir Begovic to the test for the first thirty minutes before drawing blood with a low-corner strike. City would then put in two more, first in the 79th minute from Victor Kompany and then a final screw from Fernandinho in the 85th minute.

Two blistering goal-heavy performances have City currently sitting at the top of the league table with their toughest challenge in the next six weeks being Everton, the current number five seed. Manchester City has set the table to establish a serious lead early on in the season if they continue to produce goals and maintain clean sheets.

Show your good faith in Manchester City maintaining their stellar form by picking up one of their 2015/2016 kits. Let everyone know that you stand with The Citizens!

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