Chelsea: Playing the Blues

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The end of week 2 has last year’s league champions occupying the 16th spot on the table; uncharacteristically rough goings for Murinho’s men who tied their week 1 contest against Swansea City. More damaging than the unfavorable score line of the week 1 match-up was the red card given to newly starting keeper Thiabut Courtois combined with Murinho’s side-line explosion and post-game ridicule of his medical staff.

The drama would continue for the Blues in their competition against rivals Manchester City. Although stand in keeper Asmir Begovic was able to defend an early onslaught from Sergio Aguero with quality saves the Citizens would find the back of the net not once, but three times. The only fitting word to describe Chelsea’s play is “shambles”. They were unable to produce anything remotely close to the caliber of their talent. The severity of the loss would even go on to help Manchester City secure their place at the top of the table.

One of the few saving graces Chelsea has going for them right now is that letting go of Petr Cech seems to have been the smart move. The veteran keeper hasn’t had a clean sheet for Arsenal in the first two weeks of League play. The thirty-three year-old Czech continues to struggle and make amateur mistakes between the posts.

Moving forward the Blues have the chance this Sunday to move up the League table if they can deal with West Brom (currently 18th) handily and secure a few extra points. Despite not being slated to start against West Brom, Begovic had encouraging words for his squad after Sunday’s lackluster performance:

“A couple of things are not quite going our way right now but this is no time to start feeling sorry for ourselves, we have to pick ourselves up quickly, improve and pick up points.”

We’ll have to see what happens week three. Pick up the newest Chelsea gear from!

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