Expect Arsenal to Keep Climbing

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The Gunners moved up four spots (13th to 9th) on the league table at the end of week three, and their match against Newcastle United on August 29th could bolster them further up the ladder. A few key elements of Week Three’s draw stand out as good tidings for Arsène Wenger’s side.

Cech keeps a Clean Sheet

Petr Cech for the first time this Premier League season has kept a clean sheet. Even in Arsenal’s only victory thus far Cech let one slip past him into the net. Cech’s clean-sheet wasn’t the result of a solid backline or lackluster offensive attack, but rather two brilliant saves deep into the first half of play. Cech denied phenomenal goal hounds Christian Benteke and Phillippe Coutinho to earn his clean sheet which may help him to gain momentum after such a rough start to the season against West Ham.

Check out the highlight footage of Cech’s Saturday below:

The Defense was Tested

Despite how green both Calum Chambers and Gabriel are they weathered the offensive onslaught of Christian Benteke and Philippe Coutinho in their first appearance. This is going to benefit the Gunners as both Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny are not cleared to play in Saturday’s match-up against Newcastle. Chambers and Gabriel are still learning how to play together, but at least the tie with Liverpool gave the two the opportunity to log ninety minutes together on the pitch. They will have that to fall back on should Newcastle’s offense threaten early.


Strong in the Second-Half

While the first half of play last week was mostly concerned with Liverpool scouring for openings in the defense, Arsenal noticeably picked up the tempo in the second half. Solid chances were being earned from strong rapid counter attacks as well as hopeful set-pieces that just didn’t convert into goals. Alexis and Giroud are developing a chemistry that is resulting in high-percentage scoring chances and dynamic offense. Arsenal is on an upswing that they certainly are looking to maintain.


In Need of Three

Arsenal was one of only two clubs to move up the ladder in Week 3. A three point victory against Newcastle United could take the Gunners all the way up into the top five of the table. Expect them to play aggressively against the 17th seed Newcastle United to try and jump up the ladder again. A major victory would mean that the Gunners moved up eight spots in two weeks, a dramatic turn around and early season momentum builder for Wenger’s side.


If Arsenal fails to walk away with points this week it will be a grievously missed opportunity for the club to place themselves closer to the top end of the League table. Get your gunner gear ready for week four!

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