Luis Suarez: A Biting Sense of Humor

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Luis Suarez is no stranger to web fame after the internet immortalized his 2013 World Cup biting incident. Despite his many controversies (3 biting incidents, a “hand of god” save, and a total of 45 missed games since 2010), Suarez continues to keep a smile on his face. Footage of shenanigans between himself and Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi backstage at the Champions League Draw have surfaced of the two replicating a infamous part of the Uruguayan strikers past:

Thankfully Messi steps back quick enough to spare himself becoming the fourth bite victim as Suarez smiles and heads out on stage.

Suarez has also recently starred in a commercial for Abitab where he organizes look-a-likes to take care of all of his office (and some of his personal life) duties.

Suarez has plenty to jest about with Barcelona currently unblemished in La Liga and a goal for himself in 191 minutes of playing time.

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