De Gea Stays and Plays

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Saturday’s win over Liverpool was the picture perfect comeback that David De Gea was hoping for.

After numerous trade rumors and transfer window errors, the Spanish national penned a deal for four more years (with the possibility of a fifth) to stay at Old Trafford with United and Van Gaal.

De Gea took to the pitch for the first time in 2015 for the Red Devils against long-time rival Liverpool. Club manager Van Gaal had left him seated in the stands for the first four weeks claiming that De Gea’s head simply wasn’t in the right place with his contract and possibility of transfer up in the air. Red Devil’s signature sportscaster Alan Keegan held off saying David De Gea’s name until the very end of line-ups to vaulted applause and welcoming chants from the crowd happy to see Number One back in the net.

De Gea would go on to make formidable saves against Danny Ings and Jordan Ibe during the 3-1 victory. The Spaniard adds a caliber of world-class talent to fortify the spine of the United defense. While all were pleased with De Gea’s performance it is worth noting that he has not been able to keep a clean sheet in his last eight 90 minute performances within the Premier League.

After the match De Gea took to twitter to reciprocate the love:


A happy keeper and a victory over Liverpool always makes for a good weekend in Manchester.

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