Until Blues Improve, Mourinho’s Mouth will Continue

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It took Chelsea falling to seventeenth in the table for Club Manager Jose Mourinho to really bring out his bag of tricks.

Mourinho has often times resorted to flourishes of personality to divert attention away from his struggling club, but his latest display is above and beyond his normal off-kilter banter and commentary. When asked by Piers Morgan (an avid Arsenal Gunners supporter) whether there would ever be a chance of him helping to lead the Gunners Mourinho responded:

“Let me put it like this: One day I will leave Chelsea and when I do I will continue living in London.”

So as to leave nothing up to interpretation Mourinho continued:

“There are a number of other opportunities for a manager in London – Fulham, QPR, West Ham, Spurs, the England national team… and Arsenal.”

Light the fuse on the powder-keg because the Arsenal faithful are about to explode. Mourinho is notorious for his spats with club manager Arsene Wenger, including their inability to shake hands after the Gunners took the Community Shield match over Chelsea.

Arsenal defeated Chelsea 1-0, but no handshake between the two managers ever occurred.


While it is unlikely that Mourinho will ever go on to coach the Gunners, his comments reveal the state of affairs that Chelsea is currently enduring. The Blues need to come up with answers quick as they sit eleven points behind Manchester City without any sort of promise to hold on to.


If Chelsea bottoms out, Mourinho may have called it right about “leaving Chelsea”; that leaving might just be coming much sooner than he thought.


    1. I’d love to see last year’s champions return to form. I just don’t think Mourinho stirring controversy is the way to do it. They’re in 17th, and they are 11 points behind Manchester City. If anything they need to drown out the entire media circus and come together more than ever before– coach, players, medical staff, whole organization, top to bottom.

      PS – Thanks for reading!


      1. Well said..I dont like it either ..but sometimes it works…we need to get back to where we are…hope things work out as they did last night…thats the right gear for champions league…hope we engage the same gear when we face arsenal this saturday


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