Switzerland Supports Figueredo Standing Trial

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The Swiss have decided to support and enforce the extradition of FIFA Official Eugenio Figueredo who stands accused of accepting bribes in exchange for television rights of the Copa America Finals for 2015, 2016, 2019, and 2023.

Figueredo is currently 83 years old and his net worth is not publicly available. He was the vice-president of CONMEBOL. For comparison Sepp Blatter was pulling in a reported $1.4 million a year and had tallied a net worth of $20 Million.

As his files are combed over it is becoming apparent that Mr. Figueredo did not maintain the cleanest of records. Specifically he maintained citizenship to both the Uruguay and the U.S. by claiming he had “dementia” in order to bypass the language exam. Further Figueredo submitted what are allegedly being called fake documents to prove his illness. Figueredo also claims to have worked only in the “decorative rock industry” during his five years in California.

The Swiss Government has decided to enforce the extradition to the United States because the actions of Figueredo are also illegal under Swiss law. Figueredo is currently under arrest and has thirty days to appeal the Swiss Federal Office of Justice.


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