Arsenal v Chelsea: A Stalwart Effort down Two Men

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The Gunners dropped their Week Six London Derby Match to long-time rival Chelsea losing 2-0, but the score line undercuts what was a well-contested game, made one-sided by Arsenal’s penalty troubles.

Theo Walcott having a run at Chelsea's defenders.
Theo Walcott having a run at Chelsea’s defenders.

The first half was a heated back and forth affair that saw well-used possession on both sides of the ball. Theo Walcott was a constant threat to Chelsea’s backline (which was notably absent of veteran John Terry) making dangerous shots on goal within the first thirty minutes. The Gunners defense featured strong shut-down tackling by Francis Coquelin and Gabriel which opened up opportunities for Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott. The end of the first half would have an impact on the rest of the game as a confrontation between Diego Costa and Gabriel would result in a red card for Gabriel. After further review the FA have charged Costa as well who faces up to a three-game suspension.

Despite strong assisting from Ozil, the Gunners couldn't get on the board.
Despite strong assisting from Ozil, the Gunners couldn’t get on the board.

The Gunners would come out in the second half with plenty left in the tank, but the down man left Chelsea’s Kurt Kouzma open for an easy nodding header. Arsenal’s efforts would unfortunately be put to rest by a red card presented to Cazorla and a ninetieth minute deflection goal from Eden Hazard. Arsene Wagner and club are, “Frustrated with the loss, especially when they go down two men and [Diego] Costa stays on.”

The Gunners played to the very end and need the same tenacity minus the penalties in their upcoming match-up against Tottenham.

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