Eva Carneiro Calls it Quits, Lawyers Up

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Amid what could be a turn-around to the scoffable 2015 campaign Chelsea faces serious internal issues and investigations related to the treatment and departure of long-time medical staff Eva Carniero.

It started in Week 1 when near the tail-end of a match tied 2-2 against Swansea City Carniero and her head physio rushed out to the field to attend to a downed Eden Hazard leaving Chelsea down to nine men. Mourinho put on an absolutely vitriolic display on the sideline and then further slammed his medical staff in the post game interviews, labeling them as “naive and ¬†impulsive”.

Eva Carniero and Jon Fearn tend to Eden Hazard.
Eva Carniero and Jon Fearn tend to Eden Hazard.

While Mourinho couldn’t remove Carniero’s title as Club Doctor he severely limited her interactions with the team moving forward. She was subsequently banned from the sideline on match-day as well as the training grounds. Her head physio, Jon Fern, faced similar punishments.

Chelsea have since asked Carniero to return to her post, but the forty-two year old who has been with the club since 2009 has refused. She has appointed lawyers through the Football Medical Association to investigate her claims of verbal abuse and sexism from Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

The complaint was lodged by a member of the public rather than Carniero herself.
The complaint was lodged by a member of the public rather than Carniero herself.

Support has come from both the fans and organizations within the football world such as Women in Football who wrote of the Chelsea medic’s departure,

“We believe it is appalling that her professionalism and understanding of football were subsequently called into question by manager Jose Mourinho and it threatened to undermine her professional reputation,” said a spokesperson.

“We also believe that Dr Carneiro’s treatment and ultimate departure from Chelsea FC sends out a worrying and alienating message to the already small numbers of female medical staff working in the national game.”

Friday, the FA will convene to decide if Mourniho is guilty of sexist language and abuse. If the penalty comes down Chelsea could lose their manager for five games.

The turn-around that Chelsea have put together with a Champions League victory and Premier League win over Arsenal this past week may have just taken an ugly detour.


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