The Best Bits of Lewandowski’s 5 goal-a-palooza

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Unless you had your head under a rock Tuesday chances are you’ve heard about the greatest “super sub” performance imaginable by Robert Lewandowski.

High-Speed Recap: Down 1-0 to Wolfsburg, Pep Guardiola substituted Robert Lewandowski on after the half who within seven minutes proceeded to light the opposing keeper’s net on fire with five goals clocked in at eight minutes and fifty-seven seconds.

Speechless might be the only word to describe Pep Guardiola after the fifth goal:

Lewandowski’s display reduced Guardiola to almost child-like giddiness, and also brought out the Yogi Berra in Wolfsburg head Dieter Hecking who commented,

“What can I say? A world-class striker shot five times on goal and could have scored seven.”

Lewandowski even surprised himself, a transcription from his post-match interview reads:

“After the fourth I looked at the scoreboard, it was the 60th minute and I only thought: Oooh.”

Oooh indeed. Pick up the record setter’s jersey at

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