What’s Next for Adebayor?

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The 31 year-old forward from Togo has officially been served his walking papers from the Tottenham Hotspurs. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to fans, Adebayor had not been included on the twenty-five man squad roster for the 2015 season or even been given a squad number.

In his four years at Tottenham Adebayor recorded 35 goals.

Originally on loan from Manchester City in 2012, Emmanuel Adebayor hauled in 18 goals that season and made White Hart Lane his permanent home during the Summer. This casts a large shadow on his performance last year which consisted of only 17 appearances and a meager two goals.

Hotspurs manager Mauricio Pochettino describes the separation as amicable, despite rumors of Adebayor’s self-exile to the U-21 side at the training ground, and an unfulfilled contract pay-out of 5 million pounds.

Adebayor has only played under Mauricio Pochettino for one of his four years at Tottenham.

“It is not a problem for him or a problem for us. We are always available to help him, we have a good relationship.”

“The only problem now is to find a solution for him and a solution for the club, something that is good for both sides.”

Adebayor has talked with West Ham since being released from his contract, but no word of a signing has occurred. No confirmation on whether Tottenham has paid-out the rest of his contract has been announced either.

If no one in Europe fancies the aging forward he could always go the route of Kaka, Gerrard, Pirlo, and lace up his boots in the States.

Time will tell.

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