Schweinsteiger Endorses Young Talent

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If Bastian Schweinsteiger made a resume it would look something like this:

  • Eight Bundesliga titles
  • Champions League Cup
  • World Cup
  • 130 Champions League games played
  • Seventy Career Club Goals
In other words, Basti is the definition of the consummate professional.

At 31 years old the German midfielder has played in the league for 13 years earning his first start at the age of 18 for Bayern Munich against RC Lens. He had an immediate impact in that November 2002 UEFA League Cup Match-up, providing an assist to Markus Fuelner within minutes of taking to the pitch.

His instant-success is quite the parallel to Manchester United’s two young stars Memphis Depay and Anthony Martial. But when asked, what does the veteran think of the two and their future in soccer?

“They are both very young but both very talented…For me, the most important thing is that they have a good personality and a good character, and they do! That is what’s most important, and with the quality they can achieve a lot.”

Thus far in 2015 Memphis Depay and Anthony Martial have both notched four goals for United. Depay is only 20 years old and joined United in August. Marital is even younger at 19, and made his debut for United in the middle of September.

United manager Louis Van Gaal acknowledged that he signed Bastian Schweinsteiger for his leadership capabilities.

“I believe in the mixture between youth and older players. He is an example for the younger players to follow so I am very happy with him.”

With Schweinsteiger and Van Gaal, the two young United talents may be in the most beneficial environment to develop possible.

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