Neymar Could Lose Porsche, and So Much More

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Barcelona’s colorful forward has played seven out of seven games, scored three goals, and logged a total of 651 minutes thus far in his 2015 campaign.

But there is even more to Neymar’s story off the pitch. Barcelona’s number 11 is currently embroiled in two different scandals. The first involving a Porsche Panamera he won in 2011 after he bet his father that not only would the Brazil win the 2011 under-20 South American Championships, but he would also finish as the top scorer.

Fully Loaded the Porsche Panamera retails at $135,000.

Reports say Neymar’s particular model was originally white, but he had it custom painted  to match the yellow found on the Brazilian national flag.

The Brazilian Internal Revenue Service seized the car in 2014 because of alleged irregularities regarding its import into the country by a third-party company. The car is to remain under the domain of the government until the case is settled in court.

Neymar’s personal public image consultant firm, Neymar Sport, were quick to release a statement advocating for Neymar and their own agency’s ignorance in the alleged import violations. They center the blame solely on the third-party import company, First S/A.

Recently Neymar’s lawyers won an appeal to keep the Porsche from being auctioned off (as is standard under Brazilian government).

Unfortunately, the fate of a 135K Porsche may be the least of Neymar’s concerns. The Sao Paulo Court of Brazil has alleged that the international superstar has evaded more than $16 million dollars in taxes between 2011-2013.

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Carlos Muta, the judge set to preside over Neymar’s case, released a statement saying the forward declared approximately $5 million dollars worth of assests in 2011, and that he is “solely responsible for the income declaration.”

The courts have placed injunctions on all of Neymar’s assets, including those of his father Neymar Sr. and the companies they have established since Neymar’s colossal rise to fame. The court estimates that Neymar could owe the upwards of $61 million dollars back in taxes.

Assets for: Neymar Sport e Marketing, N & N Consultoria Esportiva e Empresarial and N & N Administração de Bens Participações e Investimentos have also been frozen.

The only good news is that due to the relaxed nature of Brazilian legislation, if Neymar simply pays back all that he owes in taxes he most likely will not suffer any other fines or incarceration.

Hopefully Neymar can get his affairs in order quietly, as team Barca have plenty on their plate as is with both Messi and Iniesta now on the bench.

The team doesn’t need one of its young talents behind bars.


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