Mourinho’s in the Clear

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Well, let’s rephrase that. Mourinho’s men are currently 15th in the league and have only recorded two wins in seven games.

So, the title of this article may be a little deceiving, but at least Mourinho is in the clear in terms of the FA.

He was facing the possibility of a five match ban for using derogatory language toward Eva Carniero during the Swansea City draw that kicked off the Blues abysmal 2015 campaign.

The altercation that occurred between the now ex-head physio and club manager culminated in Carniero deciding to part ways with the Chelsea organization.

The investigation of abusive language was brought to the FA by members of the public who witnessed Mourinho’s tirade after Carniero ran onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard, leaving Chelsea down to nine men with approximately ten minutes to play in a tied match.

“Calm & Collected” are noticeably absent from Jose’s resume.

The FA took the matter very seriously, going as far as to bring in an expert Portuguese translator to make sure that Mourinho did not hurl any discriminatory remarks at Carniero in his native tongue. The ruling organization released this statement after reading the expert’s transcription of both the audio and video evidence available:

“After receiving the report from the expert, the FA is satisfied that the words used do not constitute discriminatory language under FA Rules.

“Furthermore, both the words used, as translated and analysed by the independent expert, and the video evidence, do not support the conclusion that the words were directed at any person in particular.

“Consequently, on the evidence available to it, the FA will take no further action in relation to this matter.”

It is interesting that whether the words have “direction” at a particular person holds weight in the eyes of the FA. This seems to almost suggest that Mourinho could stand on the sideline screaming Portuguese obscenities until he is blue in the face without repercussions as long as those obscenities are not aimed at anyone in particular.

And maybe he will. With this latest drama put to rest Mourinho only has one thing to focus on:

The long climb for him and his club back to the top of the table.

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