Liverpool are Straight-Forward about Hiring of Jurgen Klopp

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Although the rumor mill has practically given Jurgen Klopp the job as manager at Liverpool, the deal isn’t set yet.

When asked about it the former Borussia Dortmund manager was his typical forthright,

“There’s nothing to say. Neither a definite yes nor a definite no. I’m going home now.”

Klopp has rejected Liverpool before, but with their current place in the EPL, and the recent sacking of Brendan Rodgers, many pundits and supporters prize him as the perfect fit. Klopp himself may not be able to resist as he has already stated that he would love to coach a Premier League team that is not at the top of the table as long as it has a rich history and a dedicated fan base.

Klopp brings a passion and intensity to the game that Liverpool supporters would have no trouble standing behind. He has billed his own style of play as “heavy metal” to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s “passing orchestra”. He gives no special treatment and pulls everything he can out of his players. When he first took over Dortmund he came in with this warning:

“Those who only give me 99 per cent in training will have huge problems. The team will have to work and push like it never has before.”

Klopp has two Bundesliga winner and a Champions League final under his belt already.

The office in Liverpool is hopeful that Klopp will be able to pull more from the current squad and finish higher up in the league than their current tenth. Although it would be a mid-season switch, which isn’t easy for any coach, Klopp if appointed within the next week would at least have a little time with the squad before the International break.

The possibility of him managing at Anfield has been endorsed throughout the international soccer world by many including Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gundogan,  former Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, and former Bayer Leverkusen coach Christoph Daum who went on to say,

“A character like Jurgen would fit in really well at Anfield. I know he’s regarded very highly in England and is on the wishlist of many clubs.”

Christmas may come early for the Liverpool faithful.

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