Rooney’s Run with United in Question

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It’s no secret the poster-child for Manchester United is off of his form. But is it bad enough that he may find himself at another club?

Rooney’s only one of four players to score over 200 career goals with United, but his 2015 stats thus far are lackluster. He’s only netted 1 goal in 11 shots this Premier League season. His form rating for EPL fantasy sits at an absymal 2.8 and his popularity a 14%.

Dieter Hamann, who made his legacy as a German International, has weighed in negatively on Rooney’s future.

“There will be a time, if his form doesn’t improve, where the club won’t be happy and he won’t be happy and you have to come to a decision because you can’t keep a Rooney at your club on vast amounts of money if he is a bit-part player.”

Rooney’s last contract extension promised a cool $136 million across 5 and a half years at United.

“Van Gaal has backed him, he has done everything he could, but there will come a time when the manager will say, ‘listen mate, you can’t be in the starting XI’.

Rooney has played in over 400 EPL matches in his career, 347 of them in United red.

“They have got a player in [Juan] Mata who I think is best suited to that positon Rooney plays [behind the striker]. So, they have a perfect replacement in their squad [for Rooney] and, if he doesn’t improve, the manager will say somebody else has to play in his position.

Hamann’s business-end perspective is fairly sound. Rooney is thirty, and if he cannot produce or help the new young talent his contract turns from money well spent to an albatross that may motivate the club to shop him around or get him a change.

It’s hard to imagine United doing a player wrong who has spent what are almost certainly the best years of his career with them, but when push comes to shove United may have to give Wayne his walking papers.

“From now until the end of the season, it will be a critical eight months. If his form doesn’t improve there may be a time sooner or later when Rooney himself wants a fresh challenge in a league that isn’t as demanding as the Premier League.”

It’d be a shame to see Wayne’s career fizzle out like this, but he may not have much of a choice as the younger generation at United have taken the supporters’ attention by storm.

Great players age, and get sold, or worse left out of the picture entirely.  It’s a tragic plot-line that touches every sport.

Here’s hoping the future is good to Rooney.


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