FIFA: A legacy in Sports Video Gaming

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I started playing FIFA in 1999. I still have the original Playstation disc in my bookcase. I remember how mind-blowing the polygon-figures looked doing their celebrations after their goals.

In ’99 these graphics were cutting edge.

I can also remember fondly the joy of going down two or three goals to a sibling and resorting to the “illegal tackle button” (L1 on the playstation) and giving what could only be described as a brutal elbow to an opposing striker or even goalie.

It was always a card, and it was always worth it.

Fast-forward seventeen years and countless hours in franchise mode and against friends and family through high-school and college, and we’re now presented with FIFA 16.

For the first time in the Franchise’s history 12 different international women’s teams are playable in the newest installment of the franchise. They have since cut the illegal tackle button.

Alex Morgan is featured on the US version release next to 4 time ballon d’or winner Lionel Messi.

To show people where FIFA has been, where it’s headed, and all that has come about in between check-out Complex’s FIFA documentary:

Considering dusting off your system with a friend for the match-ups that make memories.

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