Buvac in the Building, Benteke Ruled Out

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New Liverpool assistant manager Zeljko ‘The Brains’ Buvac was cleared to start his first day of work at Merseyside. Initially Buvac was having an issue with his working permit, but the club have since helped to clear it up and get him beside Klopp.

Klopp has described their relationship as “telepathic”.

The duo have been together either playing or coaching for two decades, but they’ll still only have three days together before the trip to White Hart Lane.

While the most sensible of fans will be happy if the new manager can produce a tie against a hot Tottenham team, it is undeniably the fever pitch of energy that the club will be riding in on due to the excitement over the new manager. A loss won’t dissuade the faithful, but a win will capitalize on the momentum of the now.

It’s not unreasonable seeing as Klopp and Buvac took over Dortmund when the club was in 13th and by the end of the season they finished 6th. Liverpool is currently in 10th, Tottenham 8th.

It appears that Klopp will have to do it without Liverpool’s 32 million pound summer signing Christian Benteke.

The Belgian striker sustained a hamstring injury against Norwich.

Benteke signed to Liverpool in July and in six appearances for the club has netted twice. He’s been criticized for his lack of production in 2015 as Liverpool’s second most expensive signing in history.

Klopp’s first weekend will be the proverbial “Out of the frying pan, into the fryer.”

You can’t help but feel like he wouldn’t want it any other way.

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