Gunners Aiming for Premier League Title

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Wenger and company’s victory against United have the boss and club enthralled at the possibility of taking the Premier League title for the first time since 2004.

Before the international break the Gunners gave United a three-nil thrashing that has energized the entire organization from top to bottom. Wenger who has been with the club for nearly two decades believes that the time is now for Arsenal.

“I am more motivated than ever, more committed than ever. Sometimes I look back 19 years and think I was a bit more relaxed.”

“I’m committed until the last day of my contract to bring back big success and leave the club in better shape for the guy who comes in after me.”

In 19 years Wenger has hauled in three EPL championships, six FA Cups, and Five Community Shield victories while leading Arsenal.

Arsenal’s victory has placed them within only two points of League leaders and early 2015 powerhouse Manchester City. At first the Citizens looked as if they could run away, keeping other clubs at almost a ten point gap, but recent off-form performances have left them in reach of the Gunners.

Wenger believes that the United victory is just the fuel they needed to realize their potential,

“I think the Man United game can increase the belief and hunger of the players,”

“The top eight can compete for the Premier League. It is difficult to rule anybody out.”

“You can compete for the championship if you turn up and fight for every game. We need to show the same quality.”

Wenger isn’t the only one walking with a spring in his step coming out of the international break. Aaron Ramsey has been turned into a believer after the Manchester United match-up as well. Ramsey ended his scoring drought playing for Wales over the break and he’s hoping to carry that momentum over the Arsenal’s Premier League match against Watford this weekend.

“We owed them [Man U] ¬†from a few years ago and the way we started the game was fantastic.”

Ramsey has played for Arsenal since 2008 making 164 appearances and netting 24 goals.

“Hopefully we can continue that now and carry on to beat the bigger teams and carry on our form against the other teams.”

Wenger and crew will be hoping to capture that same scoring magic they held in the first twenty minutes of their United encounter against Watford this weekend.

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