Injuries Ahead of Liverpool v. Everton

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Liverpool have confirmed that Danny Ings will miss the rest of the season due to a cruciate ligament injury. Ings performed well enough for England over the break, but sustained the injury during a training session Wednesday.

Ings has made five appearances for Liverpool and recorded two goals in 2015.

Ings’ injury compounds on the fact that Liverpool have already also lost Joe Gomez for the season due to the same exact injury. 18 year old Gomez left England’s U21 match against Kazakhstan early due to the severity of the damage to his ligament.

Liverpool isn’t the only one feeling the sting of injury as Tottenham is likely to be missing big ticket signing Son Heung-min for their match-up against Liverpool this weekend. The center forward who transferred from Bayern Leverkusen incurred an injury to his foot during Tottenham’s upset over Manchester City.

The club had hoped Heung-min would have recovered by now, but the healing is taking longer than expected. Mauricio Ponchettino weighed in on Heung-min status to the press,

“His injury was in his foot but it’s okay, we’re happy with him. Maybe in a few weeks he will be back,”

“I think he’s nearly ready to come back, to start training with the group, but you know every injury is different and we need to assess it day by day.”

Son Heung-min scored three goals in his first three appearances for the Spurs.

Ponchettino’s words echo the expectation that despite being alone in the front and center at the moment, Harry Kane is more than capable of mounting an offense for the hotspurs.

Klopp, with both Ings and Benteke out, is hoping to use the weekend as a window to Liverpool’s heart,

“We have to be active, ready for work, ready to enjoy the game. We’re playing against a very, very good Premier League team. They look fine-tuned, maybe they have some problems with injuries or other things but it’s a good team.”

“I know how I want to play. But in the end, it’s only football. All these guys are able to play real good football, it’s the reason they’re here. Now we have to open our chest and run, fight, shoot, defend together, attack together, like it looks like in your best dream.”

“That’s what I expect, that we can see that we have worked together. I want to see more bravery, more fun in their eyes, I want to see that they like what they do.”

This weekend will be Liverpool players first test to see who is ready to go all out for the “heavy-metal” playing style that is synonymous with Jurgen Klopp.

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