Rummenigge Defends Platini’s Innocence

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Bayern Munich chief executive and chair of the European Club Association Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has shown support for UEFA President Michel Platini saying that he does not believe his “suspicious payment” is tied to corruption at all.

Rummenigge was in a UEFA meeting on Thursday, during which Platini calmly explained the circumstances around the payment he had received from FIFA.

Rummenigge: “I think it is definitely not an act of corruption.”

“In general I can confirm that it was a good, calm and positive meeting,” Rummenigge said. “Many details were discussed that aren’t known to the public over all the issues.”

“The payment which Platini received was very well explained in the meeting we had. In my eyes, the committee is now sufficiently informed on what that payment was for and why it was received.”

Platini has been suspended from his duties for ninety days along with Sepp Blatter for a mysterious payment that occurred between the FIFA and UEFA. The allegations are quite serious as 14 FIFA officials have been investigated for their involvement in ticket price fixing as well as illegitimate television deals.

Platini was favorited as Blatter’s successor as FIFA president, but with corruption rumors lingering, this may not be possible.

Rummenigge is confident that Platini will clear his name, in fact he feels that FIFA and UEFA should be more considerate of how much he has done for the organization.

“In my mind European football has a great responsibility to Michel Platini. Until now Platini was a great president of UEFA. I think European football has made great developments under him.”

“In those hard times, one has to give him the chance to clear his name. I wish him all of luck with that.”

If Platini is cleared it will be some good news concerning the corruption that has festered within FIFA up to this point.

The quicker Platini is either exonerated or charged the quicker FIFA can begin working in the right direction.

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