Mourinho Doesn’t Expect to End in Blue

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Although it’s likely rival Arsene Wenger will ride out his days with Arsenal, Jose Mourinho doesn’t see that as a possibility for his position with Chelsea.

The Portuguese manager gives himself at most fifteen more years in the game.

“If you ask me how many years I’m still going to coach, I’d risk 15 more,”

“I’m in the middle: I did 15, I have 15 more to do. I’ll finish at 67. Maybe later if I can.”

If Mourinho does hang on another fifteen years and Wenger retires after 2017, both managers will have hung it up at age sixty-seven. Mourinho doesn’t see the possibility of still being in Chelsea Blue when the time comes to walk away.

“Can I stay 15 more years at Chelsea Football Club? I don’t think so.”

“I don’t think modern football allows it any more, so normally I will not finish my career at Chelsea. I would like to, but I don’t think it’s possible.”

Despite a flawed display in 2015 that has the 2014 Champions looking almost a complete 180 degrees of their winning selves Chelsea front office has issued a statement giving their full support of Mourinho.

The Special One’s contract runs out in 2019. If the quality continues to be substandard it is likely that Mourinho will be shown the doors at Stamford Bridge.

If Mourinho turns the team around in a spectacular way, he may just land the retirement opportunity of his dream.

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