Chinese Toy Company Manufactures Nazi Basti

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In what may be one of the most ultimate pranks ever a Chinese toy company has released a WWII Nazi army supply soldier action figure that looks a lot like the world famous midfielder.

The figure comes with different outfits, detailed provisions, and winter gear.

The Company Dragons in Dream based in Hong Kong has released a number of statements in defense of the toy including the coincidence between the likeness and naming of the doll,

“Many people in Germany are called Bastian”.

The doll with all it’s accessories is priced out at 78 pounds (approx $120).

The company further went on to say,

“The figure is based on a typical German. We believe that all Germans look like that.”

Schweinsteiger’s legal team says that feel they have strong legal ground to stop the circulation of the toy. While legally, this is true, there is no doubt that these toys will still manage to get out in one-off soccer memorabilia vaults of collectors and neo-nazis.

“A member of a Wehrmacht supply unit, a so-called cookhouse wallah.”

German newspaper Die Welt said that it was all the more insulting of the company spokesperson Patrick Chan to say that “all Germans” look like nazis.

The company’s website still remains running along with the sixty three picture photo gallery of the Schweingsteiger toy. The company has a whole line of nazi toys, including one of Koulikov the Russian Sniper from Enemy at the Gate.

It seems an extra part of the joke to make the German captain a “simple cook”.

What’s clear is that the real Basti isn’t happy about it, and he’s reacting about the same way he did against Argentina in the World Cup.

“Foul me? Do you know who I am bro? I hang out with Angela Merkel.” – not an actual B. Scheweinsteiger quote.

It will be interesting to see how much these dolls will be selling for when they resurface, and if any other toy companies will attempt a stunt like this in the future.

We didn’t notice any socks among the accessories for the world-class midfielder, insult to injury?

Grab Schweinsteiger-approved Manchester United authentic apparel here!

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