Diego Costa: “I’m no angel.”

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Diego Costa may have won his captaincy of the obvious in his most recent statements to BBC’s Football Focus program when he freely admitted that he wasn’t an angel.

Quick quiz: A mugging or EPL soccer?

Although we’ve covered Costa’s predicament before, the striker seems to admit that while he is not an angel he still isn’t apologizing for the way he plays.

“I’ve got this far thanks to the way I play. I’m not going to change that because of what people may think of it.”

“I think that you transform when you cross the white line, you’re not the same person as off it. I give no quarter and I ask for none. Out there I’m going to fight for my team and do the best I can.”

“On the pitch don’t try and put wings on me, as I am no angel.”

Certainly there aren’t too many people lined up to put wings on Costa who has already missed three games this season due to a row with Arsenal defender Gabriel.

Costa believes his treatment and the villain persona he has acquired resembles that of Luis Suarez before he headed to the Spanish League. Costa told the London Evening Standard earlier this week,

“I think Luis Suarez left this country because of how he was treated and made out to be the bad guy. Do I feel like I have taken his place? That is crystal clear.”

“If you do something wrong and it makes the papers, then okay, that’s fair. But when people are after you all of the time, when you’re always the headline that’s not fair. I hope they’re not after me. I hope it’s not the case. I hope it’s something that’s just in my head.”

It’s humorous that Costa doesn’t see the link between when he’s in top form the headlines he receives versus when he’s resorting to instigate fights to spur a lackluster club campaign.

Either way in the end the bad boy striker wants everyone to know one thing,

“Afterwards, when the match is over, I have my family and my friends. I have fun like a normal person.”

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