Mourinho facing papers?

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An early week rumor is pervading the football world that if Chelsea don’t beat Liverpool this weekend Jose Mourinho could find himself out of a job.

An interesting story-line considering Jurgen Klopp has just entered the Premier League himself, and his own antics on the sideline and during press conferences are a reflection of “The Special One”.

Mourinho enters the weekend coming off a loss to West Ham (His 2nd loss to West Ham in 19 encounters, his 5th EPL loss of the season) where he was regulated to the stands for the second half of the match after a confrontation with referee Jon Moss.

Silvino Louro, Chelsea assistant coach, was sent off with Mourinho as well.

This isn’t new for Mourinho who has already faced judicial reviews, fines, and possible match day bans in 2015. What is new is the low that Chelsea have sunk to under the Portuguese manager. His off the wall, ‘I don’t care what they do to me’ seems to be infecting the entire club.

Nemanja Matic earned an absolutely well deserved red card this weekend for two tackles that were taken with a devil-may-care attitude. The Blues were down a man due to his recklessness for 45 minutes. Four other Chelsea players would go on to be carded during the match.

Including Diego Costa who feels targeted for discipline by the EPL referees and media.

It isn’t necessarily the losing that should have Chelsea supporters’ heads in their hands. Teams dip in form, it takes a wealth of talent and perseverance to try and claim back to back titles, but it’s the downward spiral surrounding the losing.

Eden Hazard cannot find an ounce of his old magic and wants to hit the road, Diego Costa thinks that he’s taken Luis Suarez’s place as EPL whipping boy, John Terry looks just about as tired as expected given his age and the circus surrounding his team.

While it isn’t as simple as win and stay or lose and go, Mourinho’s antics without results were getting old back in September.

Another loss, to a team that changed managers mid-season, may just be the often cited last straw for Jose’s time with Chelsea.

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