Klopp Isn’t Discouraged, LFC supporters Shouldn’t be Either

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Jurgen ‘Heavy Metal’ Klopp’s take-over of Liverpool FC has resulted in a string of three ho-hum notes, drawing every match since the German manager has taken over.

It seemed likely that Klopp would notch his first win against Southampton when Christian Benteke, who has had a mostly quiet season for his price tag, slid a header in with less than twenty minutes left to play.

Benteke has three goals so far in 2015.

Southampton would respond minutes later to end the game in a draw. At the post match press conference Klopp spoke on his team’s lack of offensive potency,

“It’s only a goal, only a game of football. It’s like it’s the last thing in your life and we have to calm this down.”

“I don’t understand this pressure but the guys feel it. I hope I’m not the only person in the stadium who thought ‘this is not the end of the world’. We can work on this.”

Klopp is right to keep a level head. After all, most teams would fall down the table after a mid-season manager change, but Klopp has managed to bump the Reds up one spot so far to ninth. He’s also incorporated many changes into the Liverpool playing style which have taken a remarkably small amount of time to translate onto the pitch. On the club’s performance of these new tactics he said,

“We can change a lot of things if it’s necessary but not all things will work from the start. If you work something you are not 100% better the next day.”

Most likely Klopp can feel the excitement from his initial appointment as manager starting to ebb, and while he doesn’t need it to be successful, he knows what good stadium energy can do to electrify team morale.

Klopp certainly hasn’t lost an ounce of passion since his move from Borussia Dortmund.

Klopp and the Reds have two good chances this week to notch Liverpool’s first win during the Jurgen era. Wednesday the Reds take on Bournemouth who are one of the few teams to have a less productive offense than Liverpool.

Past that, Jurgen takes on the struggling Chelsea in a clash of EPL colorful managers bright and early on the 31st.

If the Reds don’t come away with a victory in these next two matches maybe, maybe, there can be a small collective of grumbling.

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