Didier Drogba’s Still Got it!

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Most people view the MLS as a place where European greats go to kick back, collect a large bankroll, score a few goals here and there, and ride off into the sunset.

Didier Drogba? He’s recorded 11 goals in 11 games for the Montreal Impact, but his most recent pair are probably his most impressive of the season. Down 1 to Toronto FC Drogba came on after the half and netted with a one-touch backheel to tie it up.

A minute later? He did it again.

Montreal is set to take on Toronto again for the first round of MLS playoffs tomorrow at 7pm. On his performance, and the upcoming game Drogba had this to say,

“We were a little too individualistic in the first half, but when we simplified things in the second, we were successful.”

“We were much more dangerous in the second half. Playing Toronto again is going to be difficult. They are a great team with good players, but we will do our best to win this important game for the fans and the city of Montreal.”

Drogba’s “Bet you’d like me back now, huh Chelsea?” smirk

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