Luis Suarez Compliments Sergio Ramos, Sort-of

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Luis Suarez recently conducted an interview with AS, where he discussed the some of the most recent events at Camp Nou including their match against Eibar where Suarez netted all three of Barcelona’s goals.

When asked about his break-out performance,

“I’m very happy with the goals on Sunday as they helped the team whilst Leo is still out. He’s our most important player and it’s important to win without him in the side currently.”

Suarez has made sure to keep tabs on his superstar teammate, going as far as sending him a pair of pajamas to lounge around in while he recovers.

Suarez and Neymar have not only picked up the slack without Leo, but have made sure to keep him in good spirits.

Suarez made clear that Messi’s recovery is coming along as expected,

“Leo is doing fine; he’s focusing on his recovery plan and is pleased with how things are going. He’s also pleased that the team can still win without him playing.”

But the real gem of his interview with AS came when the subject of the much anticipated El Clasico was brought up and the likelihood that Suarez would once again be pitted against Sergio Ramos,

“He’s the toughest defender that I’ve come up against. He’s very strong, competitive and has plenty of experience.”

Suarez could’ve left it there, and we would’ve seen it as a very respectable sportsman thing to do, to give praise to your opponent and his skills. But El Clasico brings out the competitiveness of both clubs, and Suarez ended his praise with a little reminder for Ramos,

“That’s one of the reasons why there is added importance on the goal I scored against Real Madrid at Camp Nou.”

“See what I did there?”

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