Cazorla Flourishing Defensively

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When Arsene Wenger moved Santi Cazorla from his usual number 10 position to partner with Francis Coquelin as a deep midfielder some wondered how the Spanish international would fair.

According to the Arsenal Player, Cazorla himself admits that it took him a bit of mental adjusting to come around to his new role,

“The boss changed my position last season to play me more centrally,”

“It’s a position I really like, though of course it means I’m further away from the opposing area so I have fewer chances to score.”

2012: 12 goals for Arsenal, 2015: 0 , but his position isn’t asking him to make goals as much as help prevent them.

“You have different responsibilities. In terms of defense, you have to defend more and you have to help the team more in terms of making sure you’re well-positioned to ensure the players in attack can stay fresh.”

“I’m finding my best form and I’m really enjoying the new position.”

Cazorla has thrived in the Gunners 2015 season starting all 10 EPL match-ups in a campaign that has Arsenal in 2nd place.

On his new role in the offense Cazorla celebrates,

“We need the likes of Mesut, Alexis, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott and Giroud to be fresh – so that means myself, Coquelin, Arteta and Flamini need to be well-positioned to ensure those in attack can perform as well as possible.”

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