Will Cristiano Ronaldo Return to the EPL? Not a Chance.

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Jose Semedo (former teammate of Ronaldo on Sporting Lisbon) has decided to feed the hungry maw of the professional soccer hype-train rumor-mill this week by espousing his belief that Ronaldo will make it back to English football at some point in his career.

In an interview with talkSPORT Semedo revealed,

“He is very happy at Real Madrid, and he loves English football. He loves English people and deep down I think he will come back to England.”

As much as a question mark as it is concerning where Ronaldo will play when (if) he leaves Real Madrid, will he even be worth the price tag that he would undoubtedly carry? At 30 years old currently his buy out clause alone is at a whooping one billion pounds.

Ronaldo currently pulls in 280,000 pounds a week.

Yes, read that again, a player, at age 30 which is known as the inevitable ‘beginning of the end’ age, is supposedly worth a one billion pound buy-out. And that one billion pounds only covers the transfer fee, an EPL team would still have to fork over enough to contract him afterwards.

All the glistening eyes point towards a ‘Ronaldo back at Manchester United’ fantasy, and while Old Trafford has quite the bankroll it isn’t built on gold, and already has heavily invested in the youth and talent of Anthony Martial.

Semedo finished the interview saying,

“He said he would wish Real Madrid is in England, but that is not possible so I believe he will end his career in English football.”

I believe that Semedo doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. Unless Ronaldo is willing to take a major pay-cut in order to prove that he still has the ability to play in the EPL, don’t expect to see him in United Red or any other colors than the classic blancos anytime soon.

Now in five years, could I see Ronaldo taking a fat contract in the MLS? Sure. Even at thirty-five he’ll have enough pure talent to terrorize goal keepers and defensive lines from coast to coast. But as far as a transfer to an EPL team goes, within the next year or the next two to three years?

I’m not holding my breath.

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