Diego Costa Jumping from EPL?

Diego Costa has had a rough 2015.

The Spanish International striker has already missed three games due to on field conduct and last week said he feels he’s been labelled the villain by the media.

Now it appears that the striker may not have been kidding when he said he felt like he has taken Luis Suarez’s place. Rumor has it Barcelona may be looking to factor Costa into their attacking unit of Neymar Jr, Suarez, and Leo Messi.

Costa would bring a physicality to the offense it currently lacks.

While initially Barcelona was suspected to be interested in Paul Pogba, their 2015 transfer ban and the price tag of the young Juventus superstar has stalled out any serious negotiations.

With Chelsea struggling to mount any semblance of their former selves in 2015 the January transfer window may be the perfect time for an amicable split between the struggling striker and struggling club.

Costa has more games suspended than goals in 2015.

Earlier this week Costa’s agent Jorge Mendes is said to have appealed to the Liga titans due to Chelsea’s 2015 plummet. Luis Enrique is said to enjoy Costa’s playing style, but time will tell if January sees Costa not only in a new jersey, but a new league.


  1. […] While the scoreline is the be all end all, looking past the big numbers doesn’t lift Chelsea’s hopes either. Diego Costa has all but disappeared, scoring only twice in the last 9 weeks. Talk continues to swirl of him leaving, something common whenever the star faces a drought, but for his own sake (Costa’s 28 with a penchant for suspensions) and for Chelsea’s title run, he needs to get over his bad-boy persona and figure it out. Help win the title Diego and your stock goes way up, then move to whatever club you want. […]


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