A Verdict on Messi and the 2015 El Clasico

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Barca fans hearts will have to harden at the news that Lionel Messi is not expected to be ready to play for November 21st El Clasico match-up.

When Messi went down against Las Palmas in September the physios and medical staff were projecting an eight week recovery period, but setbacks have stalled the forward’s progress.

Messi has only made six appearances so far in FCB’s 2015 campaign due to injury.

Messi currently does not have the strength to run consistently and once he is able to it will still be another three to four weeks before he’s in playing shape. The forward did not need surgery which was a blessing, but rushing a lingering injury during recovery could exacerbate his pain further.

It’s a tough situation for Barcelona, who is making the smart and safe choice to ensure that Messi does not further injure himself by coming back too early. Messi is listed to work with the same medical personnel, physiotherapist Luis Garcia and masseuse Marcelo D’Andrea, as he continues his journey back to top health.

The squad has maintained their form without the four-time Ballon d’Or winner due to the combined efforts of Luis Suarez and Neymar Jr.

Suarez and Neymar have a combined 17 goals in 2015.

Barcelona have had a contingency plan in case Messi would not return for El Clasico, so don’t fall into believing that this bit of news means that Real vs. Barca on the 21st will be anything less than spectacular.


    1. Yes, it is rumored that he is on the squad and while it is likely that they put him on for twenty/thirty minutes, I wouldn’t expect him to start and play for all 90. There’s just too much risk and plenty of other options.


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