Depay Too Much of an Individual?

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Memphis Depay has been a scapegoat for criticism since transferring from PSV to Manchester United, and Netherlands National Coach Danny Blind is the most recent to speak on the issues with the young star.

Depay has committed some young rookie mistakes on and off the field in his inaugural Premier League season.

Depay was put on trial for the Netherlands failure to qualify for the Euro 2016 and subsequently has been left off the squad for their next friendly against Wales. Danny Blinds wasn’t shy about the reasoning behind his decision,

“I think Depay is a player for the future but there are other issues to look at,” he said.

“Perhaps Louis van Gaal has also said something. Top football requires that you must function in a team.”

Van Gaal indeed has echoed the same sentiments. He has acknowledged that Depay is a great and talented player, but he worries about the young forward’s adherence to the team philosophy,

“Because you see a lot of qualities in a player, but he has to put that quality in service of your team.”

Van Gaal cited the the cases of two of last summer’s signings who never seemed to fit in at United.

He continued: “That also happened with Ángel di María and [Radamel] Falcao – both great players but you have to fit in with the philosophy. Not only with Memphis, with every player that we have bought.”

Depay definitely doesn’t want to get into the same conversation as di Maria and Falcao who had some of the lowest points of their career at Old Trafford.

1 goal in 8 games isn’t the 2015 Depay, Van Gaal, or United supporters were anticipating.

Danny Blinds agrees with Van Gaal,

“He doesn’t always do that. That’s something he has to learn.”

“I called him to say he would not be on the list. I said ‘if you are a tall tree, then you can expect criticism.'”

Depay hasn’t handled the criticism adeptly in 2015, but there is still time for him to find his groove in the Premier League as long as he centers his focus on following the attacking philosophy set forth by Van Gaal.


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