The Biggest Obstacle to a Hazard Transfer

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Sources at the Bernabeu camp say that their biggest fear is the price tag that will be put on an Eden Hazard transfer by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Pictured here with his son in 2005, Abramovich has been the owner of Chelsea for over a decade.

The Russian billionaire isn’t known to be particularly friendly to star talent that is attracted elsewhere. It was uncharacteristic of him to allow Petr Cech to leave for Arsenal over the summer; a move that was possible because of the amount of years Cech spent in Chelsea blue.

But Hazard isn’t in the same negotiating position as Petr Cech, especially considering he just signed a five-year contract extension in February to stay with Chelsea.

The office over at Real Madrid has hesitations that Hazard will come with a higher price tag than Gareth Bale’s 86 million pounds.

Bale is the first Welshman to play for Real Madrid.

The only card that Real may have in their negotiations with the Chelsea club over the Belgian star is that sources close to Hazard have said that he would be eager to make the transfer to Real Madrid if the offer came to fruition.

Both the owner and manager have to concede that selling Hazard while his stock is still fairly high amid an atrocious 2015 season is best both for the club and the star forward’s career.

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