Klopp Won’t Poach from the MLS

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One piece of Jurgen Klopp’s arrival at Liverpool that hasn’t quieted down is what he’ll do with his January transfer window. Liverpool have already begun to show a transition into ‘Jurgen Klopp style’ football making the curiosity surrounding the upcoming transfer window all the more appealing.

One prospect that Klopp has ruled out entirely is Steven Gerrard. Rumors swirled earlier this week because Gerrard was spotted around the training grounds. This bit the inkling of an idea in Liverpool faithful that Klopp was quick to shut down.

“He’s a Liverpool legend, of course, but his contract as I know is in the USA.

“But now his break starts and I told him ‘When you are here of course you can come whenever you want, you can train with us if you think it is good for you.'”

“Of course our doors are always open for him, that is clear. But nothing else.”

Klopp may have considered more than Gerrard’s contract issues, despite his legendary status it’s no secret that Stevie G is struggling in the MLS. The 35 year old isn’t astounding anyone with his hustle or fitness and has spent a good majority of his playing time out of position.

Klopp then pulled a trademark move and flipped the question on the journalist saying,

“Do you think he should play at this moment or next year. No? Why did you ask me?”

This isn’t the first time Klopp has bounced back a question on the media, and it’s often one of the features that make his press conferences so enjoyable to watch.

Klopp maintained his never say never attitude towards Gerrard in the end though saying,

“We will find for sure something for Stevie when he comes back and whatever he wants to do we will help him but not at this moment – we are in the middle of the season.”

“We’ll talk about his ideas for the future, maybe, if he has some.”

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