Nobody Cares about Robbie Savage– and It Should Stay that Way.

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Earlier this week John Terry hit out at former player and current sports pundit Robbie Savage for his comments about Terry’s aging skills and need to retire.

Savage writes a column for the Daily Mirror.

Not to pass up the chance for good publicity to defend himself, Savage penned another article trying to portray Terry as a scoundrel that couldn’t care about anyone’s opinion, including the fans who love him so dearly,

“But Terry has distanced him from the vast majority of people involved in football because he was effectively saying their opinions don’t matter.”

“That includes Sunday League amateurs who play the game for sheer enjoyment, and then retire to the pub for a pint and a bowl of chips, and one-club legends like Matt Le Tissier.”

By Savage’s account, Terry saying his opinion (and note Terry did only single out Savage) is the equivalent to Terry walking down the street pushing old ladies into traffic, and punting small dogs.

Come off it Robbie.

Scroll up. what’s the man with that hair-cut look like to you? An informed soccer opinion or a pundit desperate to land a television spot, broadcaster chair, or sideline commentator gig? Here’s another look at the image that Robbie Savage is trying to cultivate:

“I do a lot of thinking about football and my hair. And how good my hair looks when I’m thinking about football.”

The tragedy of their dispute is that Robbie Savage has gotten exactly what he wanted from John Terry, who effectively made him a household name in his interview.

But the silver-lining, the ironic the-world-will-be-okay twist to all of this is that Robbie Savage is dragging this whole thing out for the same reason Terry won’t give it up his spot on Chelsea. He doesn’t want to accept that he’s in his twilight of relevance as well.

The hair-cut, or the attitude, or any amount of back and forth with Premier League talent won’t change the truth:

Robbie Savage is a chuckle-head, and there’s no reason to keep talking about him.

*The opinions of this article do not represent as a whole, but they should as well as the rest of the world at large.

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