Van Gaal Defends Players, Calls for Criticism

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Louis Van Gaal is showing himself to be quite the career manager in his determination to protect his players from the unrelenting media and expectations that surround Old Trafford.

Van Gaal has come to the defense of Memphis Depay who was ousted earlier this week by Netherlands National squad coach Danny Blind for being “too much of an individual”. Blind actually cited Van Gaal as if he’d agree with him, but the Dutchman’s response is supportive of Depay,

“I have said he is the greatest talent of his age but he is only 21 and you cannot expect consistency,” he explained.

“He is at a stage of his career where he must adapt to many things. I’m convinced he’s coming back maybe stronger than before.

“But we have to give him time, like we will with Martial when he is a little bit lower in his shape.”

Van Gaal hasn’t only asked for a break from the fans for Depay, but for the team as a whole. He doesn’t believe that the negative energy from supporters does much to help the struggling forms of players.

“I think the supporters have to support the players, otherwise they make it very difficult for the players to play at Old Trafford.”

“It’s very difficult to play for Manchester United because of the pressure at any time, but with the yelling then it’s not good for all my players.”

“Until now they were fantastic so I cannot complaint about the fans. I can only advise them to criticise the manager and not the players.”

Van Gaal’s protection seems to be working the case of Wayne Rooney who has been repeatedly criticized for his lack of production in 2015, but Van Gaal has shown unwavering confidence in the English captain, who has come through most recently to end United’s 404 minute scoring drought.

Hopefully his endorsement and protection of younger players pays off similarly.


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