Is More Talent the Answer to United’s Attacking Slump?

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Louis Van Gaal has stated his interest in bringing in more talent to United after the club’s 2-0 victory over West Bromwich.

United is currently 4th in the Premier League

“I have said already in my first year many times we need speed and creativity on the wings.”

Van Gaal is clearly hoping that new talent in January will give a spark to his club, but in reality he had one of the biggest spending seasons in the EPL with the signing of maverick young talent Anthony Martial and Memphis Depay.

Depay has been benched to give him time to figure out his growing pains and Martial who entered the league loudly due to his transfer fee and early goal hound success has quieted to a hum. Van Gaal played United academy prospect Jesse Lingard, who netted his first goal for the club, but still Lingard isn’t the player Van Gaal is hoping to purchase,

“Now we play with Jesse Lingard, and he is not the most speedy winger in the world and Mata is also not the most speedy winger in the world. So first we must first finish that problem and then we can see how we have to play and how we are in balance with playing with speedy wingers.”

Van Gaal’s itchiness to buy comes from the repeated taunts of United supporters about a need for more attacking play. United have only put up seventeen goals in 12 games which has fans and critics raking Van Gaal over the coals who has spent almost $400 million in his 18 months at Old Trafford.

One of those signings, Bastian Schweinsteiger– who played under Van Gaal previous at Bayern Munich, came to the defense of the Dutch manager,

“You have to be patient, but of course during that, you have to win, you have to get results and you have to score.”

Schweinsteiger and Van Gaal got along swimmingly at Bayern.

“I think we are in a good way, but it is not about October or November, it is about May.”

“I am sure Louis will bring success to United. I am convinced about that, but we have to do our work and we have to improve. I am convinced it will happen.”

With January  top rate prospects looking either slim or on the upwards of $100 million dollars Van Gaal himself recognizes the difficulty of acquiring the talent he needs to bolster more goals from his side,

“It is also dependable on what I can buy. I want to buy a lot of players but not all the players I want are for sale. So there are a lot of factors in it. ”

Maybe the unfavorable market will convince Van Gaal to invest time into the talent he already has at his disposal. After all, even a talented player will need to learn LVG’s system and build chemistry with fellow teammates.

Memphis Depay more than likely isn’t getting any better on the bench. He may grow a little humbler, but humility doesn’t put the ball in the back of the net.

If Van Gaal wants an immediate solution his best efforts would be to try and reconnect with Depay and steer him down the straight and narrow, or rather the wide and wing.


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