Up-Close: Adidas 15.1 CG City Pack

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Brooklyn is a vibrant borough all its own and the new line of Adidas Ace 15.1 CG are meant to reflect the diversity and life that Brooklyn brings to New York City.


With its own historic district and piers full of different sports courts Brooklyn has been a haven for athletically minded city dwellers for years.

Brooklyn’s Park Consisting of different piers is turning heads.

Recently the development of the Brooklyn Park right next to the iconic Brooklyn bridge has attracted flocks of athletic competition giving New Yorkers: five full-sized basketball courts, six handball courts; three shuffleboard courts; two full-sized Bocce courts; and a workout area. A half-acre of artificial grass has been installed for non-organized recreation, plus a play area with children’s swings.

Handball remains widely popular in New York

Adidas set out to provide this eclectic group of athletes that come from the fire-escapes and alleyways with a shoe that could work in a street, soccer, handball, and even basketball pinch while capturing that vibrancy that makes Brooklyn so unique:

The inside box design is the best kind of loud.

Designed for whatever competition the city throws at you or even those long runs over the Brooklyn Bridge, the Adidas 15.1 CG are ready to take your game wherever you want to go.

Pick up a pair and take to the streets at www.soccercorner.com

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