Bad News for United

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As if Louis Van Gaal didn’t have enough of a headache already concerning the criticisms of past players as well as the jeers of fans about his stagnating offense, he may have just lost his most expensive weapon.

During yesterday’s friendly match between England and France Anthony Martial went down in the 67th minute.

This is all on top of Michael Carrick’s recent international injury which continues to keep the injury bench flush with talent. The only saving grace is that Martial’s injury doesn’t seem as serious as the one Carrick suffered.

Martial was seen leaving on crutches with his left foot heavily bandaged:


Footage has surfaced of the nineteen year old’s labored effort to leave Wembley Stadium:

Van Gaal has said already that he intends to spend in January, but now he may have to try and split his budget between two pieces of talent

The only silver lining for United is that Martial is right footed, so even if the injury is serious it won’t be a question of his shooting foot which has been rock solid for United.

There has been no report from United on his conditions, but it is plausible Martial will be examined and undergo x-rays today.

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