Oscar: Advice for the Youth

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Oscar, Chelsea’s Brazilian attacking midfielder recently interviewed on http://www.chelseafc.com and talked about how he grew into the player he is today.

What skills did you work on the hardest when young?

I watched the Brazil players – Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka – and we always tried to do what they were doing, and the one thing I was always trying to practice was the step-over when you move like you are trying to pass the ball.

Oscar has played beside talents like Neymar Jr and Ronaldinho

Who are the most skilful players outside of Chelsea you have played with or against?

Ronaldinho, and Marcelo who plays for Real Madrid is very good.

What piece of advice would you give kids about developing their skills?

The people need to see the players in action and watch videos of them in games and then try what they do at home. You need to try everything, and if you don’t do it the first time then continue.

What should they work on the most?

One good skill to have is a back-heel. I use this in the games sometimes, like for Eden’s goal against Man United last season.


What does it feel like when a skill you have worked hard on in training comes off during a game?

I love this. I love football and I love training and I try to train very hard at everything for the game, so not to lose the ball and not to lose my skills and to try to help the team.


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