In Case You Missed it: Ronaldo’s Spa Day

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Being the self-appointed most beautiful man in soccer comes with a fair share of responsibilities. Namely making sure that your skin is ultra-soft and smooth for those hard tackle collisions the ladies.

Yes of course, the ladies.

Ronaldo, as expected, doesn’t play around when it comes to being wet-dolphin smooth.

Recently the Portuguese superstar shared photos of his Mud Rasul treatment after promoting his new documentary, Ronaldo:

(Warning the following images are fairly shocking, especially if you are used to the star’s more manicured appearance)


Whether the talented striker wanted to illuminate the strife he goes through to maintain his Adonis-type physique or was simply bored waiting for his mud oils to dry, he decided he wanted to world to share the experience with him.

He originally captioned the photos: ‘Funny Moments’


Funny indeed.

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