Perez Tells the Media to Back-Off Benitez

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President Florentino Perez has taken the kid gloves off concerning the media after Real’s 0-4 debacle to longtime rival Barcelona.

Hosting an impromptu press conference after the El Clasico onslaught, Perez slammed just about every piece of credible journalism rumor-mill garbage of the past two weeks.

“Get your pens, computers, and tweeters ready because it’s about to go down.”*

On the feud between Cristiano Ronaldo and Benitez…

“Cristiano Ronaldo has never said anything about anyone.”

“He has never said to me that with Rafa Benitez we aren’t going to win anything.”

Despite Perez’ claims many thought that Ronaldo quit fairly early on in El Clasico. The weekend marked the first in four rivalry match-ups that Ronaldo has not walked away with at least one goal. Adding insult to injury is the fact that his eternal rival played for less than thirty minutes and still managed an assist.

On having dinner with the president of PSG & Jorge Medez…

“The report that I had dinner with PSG president and Jorge Mendes last Thursday in Madrid is not true.”

“It was an attempt to destabilise the club.”

Perez then went off on the reporters making PSG claims saying,

“I don’t know if you are capable of being sure that you’re going to still be working where you work in a few weeks’ time,”

“For example, you could slip on your own blood, after I slap the taste out of your mouth.”

“I believe sincerely that there are people who lie in order to damage Real Madrid.”

“From this point onwards I am not going to allow people to keep lying in order to destabilise the club.”

On the potential firing of Benitez…

“We have had a board meeting and analysed the sporting situation at Real Madrid. Rafa has all the ability and has only just started his job here, let him keep working and he will achieve his objectives.”

“I am talking about this moment we are in now, I cannot say what will happen in the future – nobody knows what could happen in six months.”

On his own firing and resignation…

“No coach has ever said that I have suggested anything to them since I have been here – the coach has full autonomy and plenty of power.”

“Is there a campaign against me? I believe there is, you believe there is and so does everyone else here.”

“The board of directors has not said not even one word about elections.”

While Perez’ commentary was much more enjoyable than the stuffed suit hubbub of other presidents/managers, the facts are essentially out in the open: Real is six points down and their play isn’t leading anyone to think they’ve got a tapa’s chance in Spain of taking the La Liga title.

If the results, or playing style doesn’t change, the management on the sideline and front office will.




*Note: Everything in this article has been accurately sourced, except the photo captions, those are 100% false (and in good fun).

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