Wenger Says Success will have to Come from Within

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If you’re familiar with the expression “bad victories and good losses” then you know that Arsenal’s defeat to West Brom this weekend could only be categorized as a bad loss.

West Brom has been a monkey on the back of the Gunners since 2014

The Gunners were primed to take the top of the table with Manchester City getting handled by Klopp’s Liverpool, but the Gunners instead succumbed to a 2-1 defeat. Wenger was candid with the Arsenal Player during his interview:

“I think at 1-0 up we became a little too easy and the equaliser they scored sums it up well, they didn’t even need to have the ball.”

West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal - Barclays Premier League
Mikel Arteta was recorded for an own goal.

“That is where we have to mature. In the second half we gave absolutely everything. We were unlucky and it was a bad day because we scored an own goal, missed a penalty and overall didn’t deserve to lose this game.”

“We had 72 per cent possession and if you lose it you have to look at yourself and think what happened to us.”

Possession has always been a fundamental element of Wenger’s offense, and while it is seemingly impossible to lose a game with 72% possession the Gunners have managed to do absolutely that.

“The result does not reflect the game but we have to look at ourselves.”


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