Messi 15.3 Design Screams Superhero

The newest colorways for the Adidas Messi boots and indoor cleats are emblazoned with the trademark ‘M’ across the toe, pronouncing their superhero aesthetic proudly.

Note: Different from the ‘M’ that Ozil is trying to make famous.

The logo was first designed in 2011, but has since become more and more pronounced on each iteration of the cleat. This may be a reflection in the current age of the superhero we’re living in. Pop-culture wise we’ve seen everything: three iron-man movies, a reboot of the spider-man franchise (with probably a third), a new batman trilogy, and even the likes of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.


The connection to pop-culture’s superhero craze is palpable given the  negative space focus and bold points of the ‘M’. The logo has a much more imposing look to it than the forward himself does.

Can’t you just see the ‘M’ up there next to the batsymbol or iconic Superman Shield?

It’s an interesting design for Messi, an athlete that does embody the ‘superhero’ story of overcoming adversity to achieve greatness. The Argentinian’s tale of being ‘too small’ to becoming the best in the world is well-documented. He even fits the alter-ego story type with his unassuming humble demeanor off the pitch contrasted to his assassin like mentality on the pitch.

The firm ground 15.3 cleats take the superhero motif even further with the “Messi stud” which is meant to leave an imprint of the logo in mud or natural surfaces.

The center stud is designed to leave an imprint of the Messi logo

While the stud is minor (and mostly ineffective), it shows how iconic Adidas is trying to make the Messi ‘M’. In fact, you could argue that as far as a brand silo goes the company has been so successful that no matter the new colorways Adidas will sell a decent amount of official Messi gear.

Check out all the different Messi gear at


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