Klopp Doesn’t Worry about Workload

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Jurgen Klopp says he isn’t fazed by the workload that Liverpool face in December.

Klopp has welcomed Stevie G. to the training ground.

Liverpool’s match against Southampton on 12/2 is their first of seven scheduled to take place before 2015 is over. When asked about his stance on the games Klopp was his usual candid,

“Nobody should be in doubt about our ambition in this tournament,”

“I’ve met nobody who said ‘come on, go out of the Capital One Cup early enough then you have a little bit more time to train’. Our situation is we are in all competitions and that’s what we usually really enjoy.”

“I only think about this because you ask me things like this; I’m not in my office thinking ‘too many games’.”

‘If he’s got something to say you can definitely hear him.’ Clyne, on Klopp’s sideline presence.

Clearly not, the former Borussia Dortmund manager has done quite a bit since bringing his talents to Anfield. The team has jumped from tenth in the league to sixth with three victories and only one loss in EPL play.

Players such as right back Nathaniel Clyne echo Klopp’s sentiments,

“I’m feeling good,” he said. “I’m young, I’m fit and healthy, and always up for playing games.”

“I enjoy playing and the more games I play, the better I feel.”

The defender has found himself making more of a offensive contribution under Klopp. He’s adjusted well to the role, and enjoys the new work. He’s only missed one of Liverpool’s games since Klopp’s take over.

“I’d say definitely pressing on the front foot, setting the trap for the opposition team and getting forward more on the pitch.”


“The manager has tried to make me more confident in my ability as a player to go and express myself, not to hold back.”

Klopp and company have a tough test coming up, but December will reveal the character of Klopp, his players, and their system.

The coach is moving towards the success Liverpool brought him in to achieve, making Liverpool all the more irresistible to watch.






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