Soccer Apparel that Doesn’t Sacrifice Style

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There is something to be said for club gear that looks good whether you’re in the company of die-hard football supporters or people that have never kicked a ball.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice every day style to support your favorite clubs, and the following gear from proves it:

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Adidas Philadelphia Union Hoodie – $64.99


This hoodie from Adidas is as classically Philadelphia styled as cheese steaks and Bernard Hopkins.

A sharp dark navy colorway contrasted by bright white graphic displaying Philadelphia in the capitalized attitude it’s known for. The nice touches include the argyle stitching across the front pocket and the iconic three stripes on the hem and cuffs.


FC Bayern 15/16 Graphic Sweatshirt – $58.49


Bayern’s 15/16 sweatshirt pays homage to classic varsity lettering and style.

Bold red sleeve stripes and establishment date make this look like it just came out of a life-long supporters closet. Given its bold, simplistic graphic and style this sweatshirt will stay stylish for years to come. Why not break it in now?


Adidas Tiro 15 Rain Jacket – $71.99


No matter where you are you need protected from the rain, and the Tiro 15 is a stylish and affordable option no matter the circumstance.

The Tiro 15 sports Adidas classic black and white contrast with the iconic three stripes running the length of the sleeves. A roll away hood completes this phenomenal outer-shell garment.


The Barcelona Core/AW77 Line – $69.99-$89.99


Barcelona’s line is expensive, but its black on turquoise colorway has the same pop as a Tron suit.

The understated Nike swoosh and Barca crest make this appropriate cold weather gear for a variety of events. Sleek, stylish, and a timeless black make this a great addition to any closet.

(Core Hoodie link)

(AW77 gear link)


This post is only the surface of what is available on, so if you didn’t see something that suits you on and off the field do some browsing yourself!


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