Need the Perfect Gift–How about Patriotism?

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That’s right, we here at have said it.

What makes a better gift than some good old-fashioned patriotism?

That’s right, nothing makes a better gift than patriotism.

We’ve got U.S. Men’s and Women’s team supporter scarves available at that even George Washington would be proud to wear. Show up this winter and let everyone know not only are you warm, but you’re an American.

USA Classic Bar Scarves – $22.49


The Classic bar style is as timeless as Lincoln’s top-hat and beard. Let everyone know that you were raised on ‘America the Beautiful’, bacon, and freedom. You know who would wear this scarf?

The Statue of Liberty, that’s who.


USA Eagle Scarf – $22.49


You know what else is associated with Eagles? Fireworks, explosions, hamburgers, hotdogs, cold beverages, liberty, freedom, winning, AMERICA.

Wear that bald eagle proudly around your neck and show that you belong on that list too, somewhere between freedom and winning.


USA One Nation Scarf – $22.49


Did you know the United states is known as ‘The Great Experiment’? Because nobody thought that a democratic country so large with so many different cultures and climates could stay unified for so long.

Well here we are 230 years later still holding together strong. Celebrate that success with the One Nation, One Team scarf.



If you aren’t a scarf person, and would rather show off your neck that pumps with red-hot patriot blood check out our selection of hero t-shirts, supporter balls, and National team jerseys at


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